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CAD Files

April 30, 2018

Lintech enables designers to download models for belt driven, screw driven linear tables, shafting and pillow blocks, ball screw assemblies as well as profile linear guides. The exact model can be created with all of the desired options. Models can be downloaded in a wide selection of formats like Solidworks, STEP, etc. Pricing is also available online to determine budgeting. There is a short online video tutorial to save time working through the process.

CAD MR Series


Positioning System Comparison

April 16, 2018

Lintech manufactures a variety of standard screw driven and belt driven linear motion positioning tables. Designers may choose a belt driven table if higher speed is required or longer travel strokes. This article includes a very basic comparison of each model. Each model has a vast selection of standard options from which to choose. In addition, if application specific customization is needed, Lintech can accommodate and build a complete custom linear motion assembly.

Overview - Screw Driven Tables

Overview - Belt Driven Tables

“Tried & True”

March 30, 2018

Often overlooked and taken for granted, Lintech profile(square) rails and precision shafting/ball bushings together, represent an attractive alternative to companies utilizing these products.

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Lintech has a large local stock, in-house machining capabilities of any type, plating capabilities, easily downloadable CAD models and great! pricing.

Maybe they’re not the “big dogs” of the neighborhood, however, if you need a consistent, readily available source and a source who has local control of your orders from order entry to ship date, rely on Lintech.

Check out their online pricing at

Easily Download Models & Pricing Tools

March 14, 2018

Lintech is known for an easily maneuverable website. When working on a design project, it is very helpful to be able to quickly access ballpark costing as well as dropping product models into a design to determine suitability.

Modeling & Pricing Toolds

Lintech enables the designer to work through this process simply and quickly. No need to play telephone tag to get costing answers or long, drawn out steps to obtain models. Lintech offers a huge selection of standard options as well as the ability to further customize a linear table if needed. That “further customization” process is NOT challenging and will NOT cause the lead-time to extend over the horizon.

Go to first when designing a linear motion table.

Precise Motion Linear Tables

March 2, 2018

Lintech considers itself to be manufacturer of medium to higher precision linear tables. Some manufacturers are capable of positioning within a few thousandths of an inch. On the other end of the spectrum are manufacturers that position to sub-micron levels. Lintech falls in the middle of this range. Attached is a table which represents the general accuracy capabilities of their “higher end” tables.

200 Series Accuracy Specifications

It is possible to push the envelope on some specifications, but that would need to be evaluated by their engineering department on a case by case basis. So, although Lintech is capable of some pretty extreme tolerances, some customer requirements call for even better.

When specifying a table, determining if accuracy capabilities are sufficient is only a piece of the information needed. Speed requirements, load, travel, environment, resolution and a variety of other considerations must be evaluated to arrive at the appropriate solution.

To help determine the appropriate solution for your linear motion requirement, contact Lintech at

Multi-Axis Mounting Configurations

February 15, 2018

Lintech provides the mounting brackets to mount multiple axes together in an assortment of configurations. In some cases one table can be mounted directly on top of another. However, often some sort of intermediate bracket is required in order to obtain the necessary orientation.

Since Lintech tables are used for high precision and significantly loaded applications, the brackets for different mounting arrangements need to be very strong and very accurate, not just a plate to which the tables can be attached. Hence, they represent a significant cost. Having many pre-configured standard designs allows for more efficient pricing.

Lintech will also perform the actual mounting of multiple axes to make sure all axes are aligned properly. In addition, they can also add motors, controls, switches, and etcetera, to complete the entire motion control system.

Mounting Configurations

If your company would like to “farm out” some of the expertise of building multi-axis assemblies, contact Lintech.

Custom Assemblies Are a Core Strength

January 31, 2018

Lintech designs and builds a lot of custom assemblies. Many customer specifications dictate that one of our standard tables does not offer the optimum solution to obtain the desired stiffness, speed, duty life, meeting an environmental condition, etc. So, it is best to start from scratch in these cases. Lintech has been offering custom assemblies for more than a generation and is accustomed to what is required. Some linear table manufacturers’ are best suited to standard product offerings. Lintech has had much success with customized solutions.

Success with a custom project requires many things, but good communication and a clear definition of what will be required are key components. Quite often, success requires the supplier to have some experience with associated components “outsourced” like motors, gearheads, frame structures, etc. Lintech has that experience.

X, Y, Z High Accuracy Coating

The photo represents 3 tables on a granite slab. The granite slab is supported by an aluminum frame structure. All 3 axes have servo motors which are wrapped parallel to the tables to reduce the overall table lengths.

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