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Easy Tool for Determining Required Motor Torque

July 16, 2018

Lintech provides a tool on their website for determining the required motor torque necessary when using a Lintech table. On the right-hand side of the home page, there is a link for “sizing apps”. When you click on that you will see a page that the different Lintech screw driven tables, belt driven tables, rotary tables and ball screw assemblies. When you choose the series table you are using you will be provided with options for “move profiles”.

Torque Calculator

When you plug in some table information, application requirements, as well as the motor inertia from a model you are considering, you will be provided with a lot of information including total torque required. You can take that value and look at the torque curve for the motor to see if it has the required torque you need at the motor speed required.

The tool provides a relatively painless method for choosing a motor with enough power at your desired move speed.


Electric Brakes

June 29, 2018

Lintech has offered “Power-Off” brakes for ball screw assemblies and ball screw driven tables for decades. The concept behind a power-off brake is, typically, to prevent the application load from free-falling in the event of a power failure. A free-falling load could hurt surrounding personnel, damage to production material, adjacent machinery or the drive system itself. A power-off brake is NOT designed to engage while the power is on to slow down the screw from turning. That should be accomplished with the motor power.

Power-Off Brake

With Lintech ball screws and screw driven positioners, a brake is mounted to the screw extension located on the support housing opposite the motor end. When power is applied to the brake, the brake is opened or “released”. For proper emergency holding of the ball screw, the electric brake needs to be interfaced to a position controller or relay network. Lintech has 24 & 90 VDC brakes and the associated power supplies.

Lintech Provides More

June 15, 2018

Lintech provides many “component” solutions such as precision shafting, bushings, profile rail linear guides, ball screws, driven “systems”, etc. However, because they have a heavy focus on overall motion control, assistance is available to suggest and provide associated products to form a total motion solution.

Multi-Axis Systems

Yes, Lintech offers standard catalog items, but the task of sizing and then locating of the appropriate surrounding parts to complete a motion “package” is very time consuming. If the designer can leverage assistance from a vendor with significant experience and tried-and-true motion products, design time and efforts can be efficiently focused elsewhere.

Naturally, if the designer is to rely on a vendor for accurate assistance, some detail must be provided about the intended goals of the design. Drawings along with information about the application is also extremely helpful to gain the best concept.

Lintech Application Description

Linear Motion Systems For Harsh Environments

May 31, 2018

Lintech can modify linear motion tables to be more suitable for harsh environments. Lintech has always attempted to be an accommodating linear motion table supplier with regard to special modifications. The process is made easier with US based manufacturing and design communications. Some manufacturing organizations are better suited by sticking with the basic catalog offering but often it is the smaller organizations which can be more adaptable.

Lintech will routinely modify tables with stainless hardware for applications requiring a higher level of corrosion resistance than common industry standards.

Stainless Components

Lintech has also offered complete customs for specific environments………….

Lintech Custom - Harsh Environment

Contact Lintech for solutions to custom requirements that might include environmental, load, travel, etc.

Precision Inch or Metric Shafting

May 16, 2018

The most popular style of precision linear shafting here in the US by far is the “inch” diameter dimension. However, there is a fair amount of metric diameter shafting used. Lintech offers diameters from 8mm to 50mm diameters. Lintech offers “cut to length” metric 1060 carbon steel precision linear shafting. Any length is available within .001-inch increments, up to the standard maximum stocked lengths. Any precision linear shaft can also be machined per customer drawing – i.e. radial and coaxial holes, dowel joints, butt joints, reduced diameters, threaded ends, machined mounting holes, keyways, special chamfers, etc.

Metric Precision Linear Shafting

Of course, Lintech also offers metric bushings to use with shafting. A “little known fact” is that there are Asian versions of metric bushings and European. They have slightly different, but possibly critical dimensional differences. Lintech offers Asian and European versions. Both versions, however, will work with Lintech metric shafting.

CAD Files

April 30, 2018

Lintech enables designers to download models for belt driven, screw driven linear tables, shafting and pillow blocks, ball screw assemblies as well as profile linear guides. The exact model can be created with all of the desired options. Models can be downloaded in a wide selection of formats like Solidworks, STEP, etc. Pricing is also available online to determine budgeting. There is a short online video tutorial to save time working through the process.

CAD MR Series

Positioning System Comparison

April 16, 2018

Lintech manufactures a variety of standard screw driven and belt driven linear motion positioning tables. Designers may choose a belt driven table if higher speed is required or longer travel strokes. This article includes a very basic comparison of each model. Each model has a vast selection of standard options from which to choose. In addition, if application specific customization is needed, Lintech can accommodate and build a complete custom linear motion assembly.

Overview - Screw Driven Tables

Overview - Belt Driven Tables

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