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Lintech Profile (Square) Rails

January 2, 2019

Profile rails have a specific contour or shape on each side of the rail to enable balls or rollers to circulate through as the block is traveling along the rail. The shape(profile) is different for every manufacturer and also between different models within each manufacturer’s product line.

Lintech offers a growing variety of models for miniature applications, wide rail configurations, heavy loaded applications, etc.

Lintech Profile Rail Options

Within the 6 basic models reflected in the image, there are a wide variety of block shapes and configurations. In most cases, there will be a “drop-in” configuration offered that will have mounting holes, load ratings, seal options, etc. which could enable the linear guide/manufacturer you may be using to be substituted with a Lintech part.

Lintech offers short lead-times, very good pricing, 3D models and more. Contact Lintech for assistance determining a drop-in to evaluate if it could be a good solution for your application.


Environmental Considerations for Positioning Devices

December 17, 2018

The life of a positioning device is highly dependent upon its operating environment. Premature failure can occur if the system is not designed to operate within the environmental conditions where it is installed. Some environments which warrant special considerations are as follows:

  1. High moisture, humidity, condensation, outdoors fluid splashing, or corrosive.
  2. Grinding, welding, etc. – where debris can contaminate screw nut and bearings.
  3. High or low ambient operating temperatures.
  4. Other special environments such as clean rooms, vacuums, underwater, radioactive, or “gritty” particles in the atmosphere (glass, ceramic, etc.)

The positioning device design may need to change depending upon the type of environmental condition for which it is being utilized. Below is a list of recommended positioning device options to withstand various environments.

Environment: Corrosive

Suggestion: Chrome plated or stainless-steel rails, screw, and bearings. All mounting hardware should also be stainless material.

Environment: Dusty

Suggestion: Waycovers should be used to prevent buildup of debris on rails and screw. This would apply to grinding, drilling, welding, and cutting type applications.

Environment: Gritty Particles

Suggestion: Waycovers with positive air pressure under waycovers, or external particle dust collection system (vacuum)

Environment: Welding

Suggestion: May require high temperature waycovers to protect from hot weld splatter.

Environment: High or low temperature

Suggestion: Special lubricants and motion device material.

Environment: Vacuum

Suggestion: Special lubricants and motion device material.

Environment: Clean Room

Suggestion: Chrome plated rails, screw, and bearings. Low outgassing grease and plastics.

In applications where there is an extreme amount of particulate generation, positive air pressure should be considered for the positioning device in conjunction with the waycovers. As waycovers expand and contract, it is very possible to create an inward airflow which can be strong enough to “suck” particulates into the positioning device cavity. The speed at which the device moves directly affects the magnitude of the inward airflow intensity.

Lintech Ball Screw Project Support

November 30, 2018

Lintech provides many ball and leadscrew variations but also provides assistance incorporating into specific applications.

  • To maximize speed capability, different support housings are offered to minimize screw “whip”.
  • Regarding the ball nut riding on the screw, Lintech offers options for different flanges which are mounted to the nut to connect to the application load.
  • When mounting to a specific motor, Lintech has many standard motor mounts and will offer any other non-standard required.
  • If using the screw for a vertical application and back-driving is a concern, Lintech can either provide a screw lead matched to the load to prevent the load from dropping or incorporate a “power-off” brake which will engage if power to the motor is lost.
  • Couplings, linear/rotary encoders, end finishing, power supplies, and about anything else which might be needed are also available.

Screw Part Numbering

Contact Lintech for your drive screw requirements.

Round Rail Shafting Products

November 14, 2018

Lintech provides many products for the round rail linear guide marketplace. Shafting and ball bushings may be considered “old style”, however, they have remained popular products because they provide smooth, low drag motion. Profile rail guides are more precise but tend to have more drag due to preloading. In addition, round rail products are relatively easy to install because they allow for more misalignment than profile rail guides. Therefore, there is less chance of binding if there is slight misalignment between rails or the drive system.


There are many variations and accessories for these round rail shafting products which have evolved over the years to support all kinds of application requirements.

Lintech carries a large stock of these products in the USA and pricing is very competitive!

Motor Mount Options

October 31, 2018

Usually when looking for a positioning table it will need to be driven by a motor – probably a stepper or servo motor. Although there are some motor standards for dimensions, there are many motors which do not follow any standards. Somehow, the motor will need to be mounted to the positioning table. Lintech has pre-designed many different motor mounts. Some follow “NEMA” dimensional standards but many others do not. Regardless, Lintech can create a motor mount for the designers’ motor of choice.

NEMA 34 motor mount and hand crank

For applications which may have space constraints, motor wraps are also available so that the motor can be placed parallel on top, left, right, or below the table.

Motor Wraps

Contact Lintech with all your positioning system requirements.

Customized Motion Solutions

October 16, 2018

Lintech has a great deal of experience at designing and building “customer specific” linear motion assemblies. A custom could be as simple as adding custom machined holes, to designing and building a full-blown multi-axis system from some notes on a napkin.

X-Y with frame, motors, etc.

Since Lintech has been through the custom build process so many times, it is pretty smooth and the lead-time for a custom system is quite reasonable.

Contact Lintech with your specifications.

Lintech Versatility

October 1, 2018

The 170 series linear motion tables are offered with a broad range of options and configurations. The 170 can be supplied with 2 different carriage lengths supported by up to 6 linear bearings. The 6-inch carriage can have 2 or 4 bearings underneath. The 12-inch carriage can have up to 6 bearings. This choice enables the same table cross section to have an 11,670-pound load rating. The longer carriage with more bearings also dramatically increases the moment load capability.

170 Series Carriage Options


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