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Round Rail Linear Ball Bushing Bearings

February 17, 2020

Lintech manufactures various Inch size Linear Ball Bushing versions:

The closed LBC and the open LBO are super linear ball bushing, inch series self-aligning bearings. These ball bushing versions are suited for the Lintech SL series class L shafting. These products are utilized together to form a precision linear positioning system that can handle large load requirements. These products will also perform well in applications where there is slight misalignment between a pair of shafts. Sometimes, due to other limitations, it is very difficult to maintain a high degree of parallelism between shafts and ball bushings with SL shafting can help to prevent the linear system from binding. The closed LBCA and the open LBOA are all steel plain type linear bearings that work with Lintech SS series class S precision shafting to form a positioning system that can operate in a high temperature environment.

Metric Ball Bushing Configurations:

When considering metric ball bushings, there are two standards available. There are Asian as well as European standards which maintain slightly different tolerances. The closed LBCM and the open LBOM are Asian style self-aligning ball bushings that should be matched with Lintech’s SM metric precision shafting to form a positioning system where Asian metric standards are required. The closed LBCME and the open LBOME are European style super linear ball bushings that also should be matched with SM metric precision shafting to form a positioning system where European metric standards are required.

Ball Bushings

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