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Linear Bearing Life Calculator

February 4, 2020

There are many factors which impact how long a bearing of any type is going to survive. Like many materials, however, after a number of times that it is stressed, it will fail. This is your starting point when trying to calculate a reasonable travel life. It is not an exact calculation but a “reasonable expectation”.

There are many ways in which linear bearings will be utilized. Often, a linear rail may have more than one bearing block to support a given load. Lintech provides the tools to calculate estimated life for all kinds of loading in catalogs and online. However, Lintech also offers an online calculator for “quickly” determining the expected life of a linear rail with 2 blocks on it.

Linear guide life calculator

Any life calculations available for bearings help to predict how long a particular arrangement will survive the steel “flexing”. However, then it is helpful to examine factors beyond the calculation which could reduce that predicted life. Factors such as contamination, environmental conditions, misalignment, vibration, electrical currents, improper lubrication, temperature extremes, etc. Having any of these factors present eliminates reasonably predicting life. So, it is best to examine the potential conditions of an application and to reduce or eliminate any factor which could negatively impact the bearing life.

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