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Selecting The Type Of Linear Motion System To Fit Your Needs

January 16, 2020

When selecting a positioning table, each of the following items should be reviewed thoroughly by the user. Some items will not be of major importance for a specific application. However, by reviewing each and every item, a positioning table can be selected that will give the required performance over the life of the system.

The items below are covered in more detail on the pages referenced of the Lintech Positioning Systems Catalog.

Bearing Designs – Linear (ball, cross roller, round rail, square rail, and air) bearings, along with rotary bearings.(See pages A-10 to A-12)

Drive Mechanisms (acme screws, ball screws, belt, and worm gears). See pages (A-13 to A-15)

How to Select a Positioning Table which includes safety factors and travel life. (See page A-16)

Load Capacities of all the critical elements of a positioning table need to be thoroughly reviewed in order to select the proper table for a given application. This includes capacities for bearings, drive mechanisms, and table structures. (See pages A-17 to A-27)

Maximum Speed of a positioning table sometimes depends on the bearing components and sometimes depends on the drive mechanism. (See page A-28)

Acceleration & Thrust Forces are parameters that can put extra stresses on positioning table components in certain situations. (See page A-29)

Accuracy & Repeatability are two of the most misunderstood parameters when selecting a positioning table. By determining what it is you really need, will help you select a cost effective positioning system. (See pages A-30 to A-33)

Table Physical Size (See page A-34)

Lubrication (See page A-35)

Mounting Considerations (See page A-36)

Motor Couplings (See page A-37)

EOT (end of travel) & Home Switches (See page A-38)

Encoders (See page A-39)

Power-off Brakes (See page A-40)

Multi-Axis Systems (See page A-41)

Environments (See page A-42)

Testing (See page A-43)

Custom Systems (See page A-44)

Application Guide (See page A-45)

Motor Sizing (See pages A-46 to A-49)

Lintech Positioning Systems

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