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Profile Rail Linear Guide Converter Tool

December 2, 2019

Lintech provides a tool which will automatically convert another manufacturer’s part number with the Lintech part number.

First, go to or type in the address below. If you’re already on the Lintech home page, highlight “Customer Service” and select “Sizing Application”. When you see the page below, click on “Competitor Conversion”.

Sizing Application

When you select Competitor Conversion, the page below is what you will see. At this point, you would select the manufacturer brand that you want to change from. Let’s say you were trying to convert an INA part number to Lintech. So, you would click on “INA”.


After you have clicked on INA, below is the page you will be looking at. The default shows a KUME style and you would replace that with the part number you have along with the 4 other options then hit “Convert”.


Below is the Lintech conversion for the INA part number above.

Interchange Result

You’re all done – piece of cake! You can even price it out right from our website if you like.

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