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Pay for The Length You Want!

November 15, 2019

When using profile rail linear guides, everyone has a preferred rail length to suit their application requirements. A specific travel length is desirable, but the overall product package size needs to be efficient to minimize waste. Waste is needless expense.


The manufacturing time to make linear guides can be relatively long because of the exacting specifications of the product, individual manufacturing plant capacities and many other reasons. So, in order to have product more readily available for individual needs, many guide manufacturers have chosen to stock various standardized rail lengths pre-cut to 170mm, 220mm, etc. That’s great and often helpful to the designer. However, if the length desired in a specific application is somewhere in between the standard rail lengths offered, it can cause an additional cost and time for subsequent machining to the rail. Therefore, the designer initially pays for more length than is required and pays again to cut the rail to the appropriate length.

The idea is that once a machine builder enters a production phase, they will have the “time” to plan and order the efficient rail length from the manufacturer… least that’s the theory.

Lintech has chosen Not to offer pre-determined lengths. Rail lengths are ordered to the nearest millimeter desired (see below).

Rail length

Lintech determines that they will have a better opportunity to utilize excess material in the form of rails which were not arbitrarily cut to standard lengths. Lintech has been able to keep lead-times very short for most sizes. Pricing is also VERY competitive.

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