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Linear Guide Availability

September 14, 2018

There is clearly an availability problem with profile(square) rail linear guide bearings. Deliveries quoted by many manufacturers are waaay out there. This is obviously a significant inconvenience for companies trying to maintain production schedules or designers trying to build prototypes.

It is also understood how difficult the process can be for substituting parts in a design which has been “tested and proven” over time. So, what do you do?

That answer will be different depending upon who you ask. However, if you feel that in your situation you can consider alternatives, Lintech may have some options for you.

Lintech Linear Guides

The Lintech models MR, ARC, HRC, WRC, ARR & HRR are drop-ins for many different manufacturers’ linear guides. Each of the models above are available with many different options in order to meet the hole spacing, height requirements, etc. that are pre-existing in a given design.

Most of the models above are readily available from Lintech. Deliveries will vary a bit depending upon the specific configuration required. Lintech cuts rails to length locally and there are no pre-set rail lengths. Pricing is generally in line with market pricing – and maybe even better if you are a smaller to mid-size volume OEM.

So, if you feel you have the flexibility to consider a change, or at least want to investigate the opportunity further, contact Lintech.

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