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Carriage & Linear Bearing Life Considerations

August 14, 2018

Lintech has several calculation tools and tables linked to their website. Some of them look pretty simple. Some maybe not so much. For instance, there is a calculator for Carriage and Linear Bearing Life. Looking quickly, you might think a particular table has “X” load rating. I’m only going to apply a fraction of that so I’m good to go – right? Not so quick.

  • You ought to consider some sort of a safety factor which is a bit subjective based upon the potential resulting damage of a worst case failure.
  • What might different operating temperature factors do to the linear motion system?
  • Are there shock loads or vibration present in the application?
  • Could orientation of the load and/or linear device raise questions about the system life?

Lintech provides a calculator which helps you to at least consider potential factors causing an additional impact on the life of a linear motion system. Then it would be the designer’s responsibility to determine any other external conditions which could have an impact.

Below is form available from the App Sizing portion on the right side of the Lintech home page where you can load in the capacity from a Lintech table, the application load and some initial safety factors. Once you hit calculate, you’ll see another table which reflects the anticipated life in inches while considering the level of the factors which you applied. In addition to that, you see a table on the bottom which helps you to determine if further safety considerations ought to be considered.


To learn a bit more about “linear motion life factors”, have a look at pages 7, 8 & 9 of the link:

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