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Electric Brakes

June 29, 2018

Lintech has offered “Power-Off” brakes for ball screw assemblies and ball screw driven tables for decades. The concept behind a power-off brake is, typically, to prevent the application load from free-falling in the event of a power failure. A free-falling load could hurt surrounding personnel, damage to production material, adjacent machinery or the drive system itself. A power-off brake is NOT designed to engage while the power is on to slow down the screw from turning. That should be accomplished with the motor power.

Power-Off Brake

With Lintech ball screws and screw driven positioners, a brake is mounted to the screw extension located on the support housing opposite the motor end. When power is applied to the brake, the brake is opened or “released”. For proper emergency holding of the ball screw, the electric brake needs to be interfaced to a position controller or relay network. Lintech has 24 & 90 VDC brakes and the associated power supplies.

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