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Multi-Axis Mounting Configurations

February 15, 2018

Lintech provides the mounting brackets to mount multiple axes together in an assortment of configurations. In some cases one table can be mounted directly on top of another. However, often some sort of intermediate bracket is required in order to obtain the necessary orientation.

Since Lintech tables are used for high precision and significantly loaded applications, the brackets for different mounting arrangements need to be very strong and very accurate, not just a plate to which the tables can be attached. Hence, they represent a significant cost. Having many pre-configured standard designs allows for more efficient pricing.

Lintech will also perform the actual mounting of multiple axes to make sure all axes are aligned properly. In addition, they can also add motors, controls, switches, and etcetera, to complete the entire motion control system.

Mounting Configurations

If your company would like to “farm out” some of the expertise of building multi-axis assemblies, contact Lintech.

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