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Linear Guide Load Capacity

July 14, 2017

Linear guide load ratings are based upon some reference point of travel distance. Not all manufacturers use the same reference point. So, if you compared what seem to be 2 very similar linear guides, one may have a listed rating which is quite a bit better (or worse) because the capacity could be based upon 100Km of travel versus 50Km of travel, or vice-versa. If you intended only to reach 50Km of travel life, you could logically expect carry a higher load before failing from fatigue than if you needed to reach 100Km of life.

Load Ratings HRC Series

Not all load rating tables from the many linear guide manufacturers list the rated life reference on the load rating catalog page. Sometimes it is shown in the engineering section of the catalog. However, it should be considered during the design process of the motion system.

For assistance with your linear motion application, please contact Lintech.

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