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Encoders on Lintech Tables

May 1, 2017

Linear Encoders: If a linear encoder is supplied by Lintech, it comes mounted and aligned to the positioning table. This encoder operates via an LED pick-up of an etched strip on a glass spar which spans the entire length of the encoder. It is important NOT to make any adjustments to the encoder mounting. The encoder alignment is extremely critical and is important for proper accuracy, repeatability, and performance. The warranty is voided if adjustments are made to any part of the encoder or encoder mounting.

Rotary Encoders: If a rotary encoder is supplied by Lintech, it comes installed on the table opposite the motor mount end. This rotary encoder is shaftless and is physically mounted to the screw shaft or drive shaft extension on a belt drive table. It is important NOT to remove the rotary encoder from the positioning table. The glass disk is pre-aligned by Lintech for proper operation. Removing the encoder could affect its performance. The encoder is protected with a sheet metal cover, which is not totally sealed. Therefore, if splashing fluid or other materials is present, precautions should be made to redirect these materials away from the encoder housing since contaminants which penetrate the housing can cause encoder failure.

Linear & Rotary Encoders

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