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Ball Screw Assembly Lubrication

April 14, 2017

Every Lintech ball screw assembly requires a small amount of grease or oil for proper, long term operation. Lubrication will decrease system wear and the potential for oxidation of the ball screw surface. For most applications, a medium to heavy oil, light grease, or synthetic Teflon based lubricant is recommended. The many built-in pockets within the ball screw nut allow the adhesive properties of these lubricants to be stored for extended periods of time.

For high speed applications, a light grease is recommended, while the ball screw should NEVER be operated dry for any length of time. For some low speed and lightly loaded applications, a ball screw assembly can typically be operated without lubrication, but for the most part, this is not recommended. Use of WD-40, or other cleaning solvents, should strictly be avoided, as they can cause damage to the ball screw nut.

Because Turcite nut ball screw assemblies have a solid surface contacting a solid surface, sufficient lubrication becomes a must. If there is not proper lubrication, the higher frictional forces of these nuts will cause excess wear to the assembly, thus preventing required screw life from occurring. Applying lubrication directly onto the entire length of the screw on a regular basis is highly recommended.

All ball screw assemblies are shipped with a lightly coated rust preventative oil on the ball screw threads and ball nut. This oil is not meant as an operational lubricant. It is highly recommended that the proper lubricant be applied to the ball screw and linear rails prior to operation. Also, periodic re-lubrication helps assure that the rated life of the ball screw assembly is attained.

All End Support Housings do NOT require lubrication. The housings and bearings are internally lubricated for life, and sealed to prevent outside contamination from entry.

Ball Screw Lubrication

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