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Lintech Application Tools

March 30, 2017

Lintech offers many online options and tools enabling the designer to get the necessary answers to application questions. There is a “Sizing Apps” page which helps with many types of motor sizing for all Lintech tables. There are also tools for determining if an application load will back-drive when power is off, one to determine the maximum safe operating speed for a ball screw, calculating linear bearing life, etc.

Once the designer chooses a table series which seems like it will be suitable, there is a page to calculate the price for the table with all of the desired options. Although it is possible to obtain better pricing for higher quantities or other situations, the price online enables the designer to get a good starting reference point for cost. Sometimes, slightly changing various components can help reduce cost so it can be beneficial to contact Lintech to review the selection parameters before purchasing online.

Sizing Apps Page

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