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Lintech Simplifies Linear Guide Ordering

August 14, 2013

Manufacturers of linear profile bearings have always given you several rail length choices for each size profile rail. They prefer that you choose one of their “pre-selected” rail lengths. But, how do they know what length you need for your application? Do they know better than you? So, you always have to buy a longer length than what you need and then pay to cut it to your desired length. And, if they do not happen to have stock on one of their standard lengths (which you have to cut to your desired length), you are forced to buy an even longer length and then cut that rail to the desired length. Lots of waste!



Lintech offers you the ability to choose the length you want in 1mm increments – up to the raw material maximum length. In addition, we enable you to select online the dimensions from the first & last holes to the end of the rail. By providing the “first/last hole” entry, it saves the time in additional phone calls to verify acceptability. Visit the profile rail ordering portion of our website and make your selection


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