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Downloading Lintech Product Models

September 15, 2017

Lintech offers a simple process for downloading 2D or 3D models in many different formats. Whenever a particular product overview page is selected from the home page(, in addition to the product specifications, there are many links associated with that product. Among those links is one called “Get a CAD File”. By clicking on that link, it is quite simple to create a model of the exact product variation desired and then downloading it in the desired modeling format. When on the product overview page, you may also notice a link which directs you to a page where a price can be easily calculated for the specific product variation. This helps to determine a budgetary cost as you’re creating the model – very convenient!

Create Customized Model


Lintech Tables for Vacuum and Other Demanding Situations

August 30, 2017

Lintech provides tables suited for a wide variety of unique applications. After careful consideration of all of the application requirements, Lintech can often arrive at a solution. Tables for “higher vacuum” applications can’t contain certain materials within the chamber. Lintech has provided tables for many vacuum applications having requirements in addition to a vacuum environment. Linear tables can also be modified so they are suitable for applications requiring the ability to withstand for corrosive environments.

Lintech Custom 041516

Should you be in need of a linear motion table capable of some type of demanding environment, contact Lintech.

Large Custom Lintech Assemblies

August 16, 2017

In previous blog posts, there have been references to the ability of Lintech to provide slightly modified catalog linear tables as well as some more unique linear motion solutions. Lintech also has the capability to do some very large and complex multi-axis motion systems.

Aircraft Tooling Project

The image above reflects a very large system with a large number of travel axes. Lintech was responsible for building the frame, all the mechanical components for the axes of travel, as well as the motors, controls and programming of every axis. The structure above was produced for a company building aircraft tooling.


Lintech Miniature Linear Bearings

July 31, 2017

The MR series is a miniature 2 row re-circulating ball profile rail linear guide bearing. The block and LM linear profile rail is made of 440c stainless steel and has an option for seals on both ends of the block and on the bottom of the block. There are also options for a short or long block, lubrication plate and reinforced block seals which allows for higher speeds. There are three different accuracy grades available – N grade, H grade or P grade. There is also a wide rail style available for more capacity and rigidity.

MRSelf Lube Bearing with Seals

Lintech carries a large inventory of linear guide products in its facility and has the in-house ability to do various modifications to these products. Options including, but not limited to, cut-to-length, custom mounting holes, plating options in order to create a more robust environment ready product.

Linear Guide Load Capacity

July 14, 2017

Linear guide load ratings are based upon some reference point of travel distance. Not all manufacturers use the same reference point. So, if you compared what seem to be 2 very similar linear guides, one may have a listed rating which is quite a bit better (or worse) because the capacity could be based upon 100Km of travel versus 50Km of travel, or vice-versa. If you intended only to reach 50Km of travel life, you could logically expect carry a higher load before failing from fatigue than if you needed to reach 100Km of life.

Load Ratings HRC Series

Not all load rating tables from the many linear guide manufacturers list the rated life reference on the load rating catalog page. Sometimes it is shown in the engineering section of the catalog. However, it should be considered during the design process of the motion system.

For assistance with your linear motion application, please contact Lintech.

Lintech Custom Systems

June 30, 2017

Lintech is quite compliant with designers in their efforts to satisfy any special accommodation. Whether it is special environmental concerns, adding many types of mechanical or electrical accessories, fabricating custom components, software programming, different mounting configurations, motors & controls, etc.

Mounting Configurations

Lintech has a long history of building custom systems which include all the necessary accommodations to “finish” the linear motion package. To view the standard Lintech linear motion screw drives, belt drives, components, accessories as well as examples of custom assemblies and systems, please visit

Lintech Linear Guide Price Configurator

June 14, 2017

Lintech provides a simple configurator to enable a designer looking for quick pricing on any linear guide variation. The configurator can also be used to calculate pricing on all the other Lintech products as well. It can save time versus calling a manufacturer, especially outside of the 8am-5pm hours.

Simply, select the series of product desired (or several to determine a comparison), select the specific configuration from all of the drop-down boxes, choose the number of blocks, rail length to the nearest mm, location of start hole(distance from end of rail to center of the 1st hole), and then hit “get price”.

The configurator is a great tool for obtaining quick pricing or comparisons on the fly.

ARC Pricing Configurator

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