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Lintech Profile (Square) Rails

October 15, 2021

Profile rails have a specific contour or shape on each side of the rail to enable balls or rollers to circulate through as the block is traveling along the rail. The shape(profile) is different for every manufacturer and also between different models within each manufacturer’s product line.

Lintech offers a growing variety of models for miniature applications, wide rail configurations, heavy loaded applications, etc.  

Within the 6 basic models reflected in the image, there are a wide variety of block shapes and configurations. In most cases, there will be a “drop-in” configuration offered that will have mounting holes, load ratings, seal options, etc. which could enable the linear guide/manufacturer you may be using to be substituted with a Lintech part.

Lintech offers short lead-times, very good pricing, 3D models and more. Contact Lintech for assistance determining a drop-in to evaluate if it could be a good solution for your application.

Mounting and Alignment

October 1, 2021

Alignment of linear guides and drive screws is critical linear motion systems. The use of a dial indicator or a laser alignment device is required for this procedure. Without a measuring device, it will be impossible to define exact parallelism and height alignment of the assembly. Improper alignment can cause excessive noise, binding, vibration, rough operation and outright failure after only a few operating cycles. In addition, for screw driven systems, it is extremely important that the ball nut is only loaded axially. There should not be any radial or side-to-side loading. The ball nut is rated for “pure” thrust load. If a dial indicator is not used, it will be difficult to measure any height variances.

Lintech provides detailed instructions for the installation of linear motion systems in their Component Service Manual……………

Precision Shafting & Linear Ball Bushings for Linear Motion Applications

September 15, 2021

Lintech has been in the round rail(precision shafting) business for over 40 years. Round rail linear bearings moving on precision shafting has been a commonly used load carrying method for a long time. Some companies have moved away from this type of linear motion system toward profile rails, also referred to as square rails. There are many reasons to make the move toward profile rails but precision shafting, for many applications, is still the best solution. This technology is more forgiving and will function better in situations where users are not accustomed to building machines to the highest levels of precision and alignment. They often provide less drag than a profile rail linear bearing system as well. There are other application dependent reasons for relying on round rail technology as the best choice.

Lintech offers both precision shafting and profile rail products to support the solution which seems best suited to your application. For assistance in helping you with the best solution, please contact Lintech.

Lintech 120 Series Belt Drive

September 1, 2021

The 120 series linear slides are designed to handle lighter loads at very high speeds. The table can actually carry up to about 3,000lbs. However, moving the load at a higher rate of speed requires more considerations. The 120 linear tables use a low friction, preloaded, recirculating linear ball bearing system, which ride on precision ground linear square rails. The linear profile rails are mounted to a precision machined aluminum base, which offers a rigid support over the entire travel of the table’s carriage. The load is mounted to a precision machined aluminum carriage, which has threaded stainless steel inserts for high strength and wear life. The drive system uses two pulleys, along with a high strength, steel reinforced polyurethane belt, which provides 3.543 inches (90mm) of linear movement per revolution of the input shaft. The simple belt tensioning system allows for easy adjustment of belt tension by the user. NEMA 23 and 34 motor mounts, or gearhead mounts are available as well as planetary gearheads.

For more information on Lintech’s various belt drive products, please check at

Turcite vs. Acme Style Lead Screw Nuts

August 16, 2021

Lintech offers different types of sliding element nuts in linear table screw driven systems. The terms “lead” screw and “ACME” screw are talked about frequently. An ACME screw refers to a specific thread form which is trapezoidal in shape. A lead screw refers to screws which utilize nuts which do not have rolling elements. They are just sliding on the screw. An ACME screw is a type of lead screw. Lintech offers ACME style lead screws as well as lead screws which incorporate the shape of thread used for ball screws. Lintech will utilize Turcite, a polymer material shaped to mate to the ball screw form.

Utilizing a Turcite nut on a ball screw form produces a drive mechanism that has less friction than an acme screw, thus potentially allowing for higher speeds and less input torque required from an attached motor for a given application. It provides smooth motion, low audible noise, and is ideal for vertical applications. Also, using the Turcite nut with high lead ball screws provides for faster linear speeds. A “downside” or maybe a benefit of an ACME screw HAS more friction. So, in vertical applications, it may be the design of choice because in a situation where power is “lost”, the friction could possibly hold the load in position vs. a “free fall” which is a potential problem.

Lintech Custom Motion Solutions

August 3, 2021

You’re not finding a “catalog solution” for your linear motion application specifications. Maybe you never expected to because your requirements are so specific. Maybe you’ve seen something that could suffice, but just not quite “there”.

There can be many reasons for attempting a custom motion solution. However, not all linear motion suppliers are at ease with following a custom solution path. Some linear motion suppliers admit up front that it is not what they want to do….some might follow a custom path until YOU determine it is not what they do best.

X – Z Positioning System Belt/Screw Combination in caustic environment

Lintech has been building custom linear motion solutions for many years. It has become a core strength. Lintech has the custom design solution process in place. Not every opportunity that comes up is accepted. The opportunity must be evaluated to determine if it falls within some basic parameters. However, along with the linear motion tables we manufacture, we can provide the associated accessories like motors, drives, controls, cable management, etc.

If you would like to discuss an application for a standard or custom stage, contact us.

Lintech Belt Driven 180 Series Table

June 15, 2021

The Lintech 180 series belt drive is a great general purpose option for a belt drive as it is very reasonably priced and has a load capacity up to 8400 lbs. when you select the 4 bearing carriage option. It is only 75mm tall and 152mm wide. There are numerous standard travel options but there is always the ability to specify something custom.

As usual, Lintech offers any and all of the “bells & whistles” necessary to finish the system including motors, controls, gearheads, switches, etc. Generally, these accessories are all available within a 2-4 weeks lead-time. So, if your application calls for a belt drive due to higher speeds, long travel or another factor, take a look at the 180 series. Lintech also has the 120, 140 and 550 series belt drives to suit different capacities or size constraints.

Miniature Linear Guides

June 1, 2021

The MR series is a miniature 2 row re-circulating profile rail linear guide bearing. The block and LM linear profile rail are made from 440c stainless steel and there is an option for seals on both ends of the block and on the bottom of the block. There is also an option for a self-lubrication block and another for a reinforced block seal which allows the block to move at a higher rate of speed. Three different accuracy grades are available – N grade, H grade, and P grade. The blocks are available in either a standard or long length, while the rail width is available in a normal or wide version. These various sizes allow for different block load capacities.

IP30 Screw Driven Linear Table

May 17, 2021

The Lintech 610 series screw driven linear ENCLOSED slides are designed to maximize performance while minimizing physical size and cost. These linear positioning systems use a low friction, preloaded, recirculating linear ball bearing system, which ride precision ground linear rail guides. The linear rails are mounted to an extruded aluminum base, which offers rigid support over the entire travel of the table’s carriage. The load is mounted to a precision machined aluminum carriage, which has threaded stainless steel inserts for high strength and wear life. There are 38 different acme and ball screw options that offer high efficiencies and long life at an economical price. These linear tables are designed to allow for numerous options. They include EOT and home switches, linear and rotary encoders, power-off electric brakes, motor wrap packages, and versatile mounting brackets for multiple axis applications.

Lintech can build standard positioning systems in 2-3 weeks. Customs and/or multiple axis systems are very common and not long lead-time solutions.

Lintech Shaft & Carriage Assemblies

May 3, 2021

Shaft & Carriage Assemblies were one of the first custom products which Lintech made many years ago. These consist of pre-assembling shafts onto a support and mounting pillow blocks on a plate to create a carriage. These assemblies soon became a standard Lintech product line and they are still widely utilized in linear motion applications.

Lintech shaft and carriage assemblies are offered in a variety of shaft diameters and overall lengths. Carriage assemblies are also made to fit the shaft assemblies and can be from 6 inches to 30 inches long. These assemblies can be ordered to be suitable for use in applications where there may be corrosion concerns. Carriage assemblies can be obtained with hand wheel locks which provide for a manual lock to the shaft. To check out Lintech shaft assemblies, carriage assemblies and other linear motion products, click here.

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