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Lintech Product Categories

November 30, 2016

Linear Bearings and Ball Screws:

Lintech manufactures a wide range of linear and rotary mechanical positioning motion control products, from profile rail linear guides to round rail linear bearings. We offer linear components to completely pre-engineered positioning actuators, slides, stages and tables. We also have rolled, precision rolled, and precision ground ball screw assemblies available in any length required for an application.

Motorized Linear Slides, Rotary Stages and Custom Motion Systems:

Two different rotary positioning stages are available with several different worm gear ratios. One has a load capacity of 100 pounds, while the other has a 1,000 pound load capacity with a large through hole that can accommodate user electrical or pneumatic cabling. Our standard linear positioning slides come with numerous ball screw options for different leads, diameters, and lengths. We also offer with these linear slides many different motor adapter plates, end of travel switches, home switches, rotary encoders, linear encoders, and cover plate options. If a standard positioning table is not available to meet the application requirements, Lintech has the experience and engineering staff to design a custom mechanical positioning system to meet the expectations for the application.

catalog-downloadsCatalogs pertaining to the categories above can be downloaded by clicking catalog download.

Overview of Belt Driven Linear Motion Systems

November 14, 2016

Lower capacity – Lintech offers a large selection of belt driven linear positioning actuators, slides, stages and tables. The 140 series is our smallest linear belt slide at only 2.875 inches wide with a height of 2.375 inches but is available in travel lengths out to 120 inches. This linear stage, just like all of our systems, has numerous options available for the customer to choose from in order to make a particular linear actuator fit a set of specific requirements. The 140 series has top and side cover plate options, motor or gear head adapter plate options, 11 different end of travel and home switch options, rotary encoder options, brake options, and can be supplied with either English or metric load mounting inserts. The 120 series linear actuator has all of the same options available as the 140 series, but has a larger load capacity and thus a longer potential life when moving a user load in an application.

Higher capacity – The 180 series is the most versatile and most popular linear belt table from Lintech as it can handle large load capacities and has either a 6 or 12 inch carriage length option, is available with a top cover plate, side cover plates, or waycovers to choose from. The 550 series linear belt tables have several different high load capacity carriages that can move a load up to a distance of 360 inches or 30 feet. Below is an overview of the belt drives and some basic differences.


Overview of Screw Driven Linear Motion Systems

October 31, 2016

Lintech manufactures a wide range of standard belt and screw driven linear positioning tables, along with standard rotary positioning tables that operate in a wide range of applications. Lintech has been manufacturing standard positioning tables for over 40 years. A wide range of options are available for each of the different table series. The broad selection of options allows the machine designer an opportunity to select a standard positioning table instead of what might be considered a custom system. The table references screw driven positioning systems and how they compare in several categories.


See all standard products and custom ideas at LintechMotion.

Back To Basics

September 30, 2016

Precision linear shafting and the associated ball bushing bearing products have been around for many decades. They allow for fairly precise, low torque linear motion. The shafting is often machined to accommodate a particular design layout and it can just be held via end supports or underneath along the entire shaft length for a more rigid design.

PredrilledShaftingOpen Pillow BlockP7_SABushing Closed

However, we live in a “high tech” world. These products are can get overlooked, their features and benefits not properly evaluated.

Although Lintech offers many other linear products, continuous efforts have made to keep adequate inventory levels of these products, and to maintain some of the BEST prices available in the marketplace.

Looking to get better support, prices, delivery, etc. on your linear motion products?




Choices & Transparency

September 15, 2016

Lintech manufactures many tables, both screw and belt driven. Part numbers for Lintech tables are a bit lengthy but they describe the component breakdown for the table quite well. For instance, the ball screw “callout” for the table, when reviewing the specifications, will identify not only the screw diameter and lead, but also if the screw has a preloaded (PL) or non-preloaded (NPL) nut. Some other table vendors may enable you to extrapolate from a “bidirectional repeatability” specification, whether or not the screw is preloaded (if there is a bidirectional repeatability specification given). But this requires more time, thought, and maybe assumptions. Many manufacturers don’t offer a table with a choice for preloaded/non-preloaded screws. You get what they offer OR you have to go down the “custom” path which can be expensive and come with a longer lead-time.


The same applies to the rest of the Lintech part numbers. They are descriptive and you have lots of choices while still choosing from standard table options having short lead-time. So, in the end, you save time by having so many choices from one product line.

For a quicker path towards your table choice, contact Lintech.

Considering Deflection When Choosing a Linear Motion Device

September 1, 2016

Often times when designing a linear motion system, the designer is targeting very accurate positioning.  Much needs to be considered under that umbrella of accurate positioning. One of those considerations is deflection of the linear device. Deflection in a linear motion system means how much sponginess, deformation or deflection of the mechanical parts under the application loads and speeds. Obviously, the designer needs to calculate a level of deflection he/she can determine is acceptable.

Choosing a linear motion table with a higher load capacity will help to reduce deflection within the system. Often, though, this means a larger overall footprint of the linear motion system. The designer is not always able to accommodate the increase in size.

Lintech, however, has several linear motion table series which allow the designer to obtain a larger carriage (the driven portion where the application load is attached) size and/or more bearings to support that load. One example of that is the 170 series screw driven tables. In the example attached, when configuring the table, the designer gets to choose the number of bearings and the carriage length for the particular table desired. This is unusual. Most manufacturers’ choose the carriage length and number of bearings for you.

Generate a Price 170 Series

So, in the end, you can increase the capacity and have the ability to reduce the deflection further if needed, within the same footprint size. Again, this is unique.

If you would like more flexibility in configuring a table for your application, contact Lintech.

Lintech Motor Mounts

August 16, 2016

Lintech provides an option for motor mounts on screw and belt driven tables. When utilizing a motorized table for a screw or belt driven table, obviously you need a connection point between the motor used and the table. There are many different manufacturers and sizes of motors on the market and an intermediate gearhead may also be required. Lintech already has motor mount configuration designs for many motor manufacturers/models. However, when you add a motor mount, and may be a gearhead too, the overall length of the table really starts to grow. So, Lintech also has preconfigured motor “wrap” designs to enable a more compact overall length.

Motor Wraps

Lintech has a huge variety of table options and accessories to assist the designer with time savings. For more information on Lintech products, contact Lintech.

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